Face To Faith: Sonic And The Black Knight Vocal Trax




Format             CD, Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published by    Miya Records, made in Taiwan
Composed by   Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi
Arranged by     Jun Senoue, Yutaka Minobe, Richard Jacques, Bentley Jones
Performed by   Crush 40, Kimiko Nakagawa Strings, Emma Gelotte, Tinna Karlsdotter, Marty Friedman, Bobby Jarzombek, Yutaka Minobe, Bentley Jones
Lyrics by     Johnny Gioeli, runblebee

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Disc length 41:13

01     KNIGHT OF THE WIND     [4:32]
02     FIGHT THE KNIGHT     [1:57]
03     THROUGH THE FIRE     [1:30]
04     WITH ME     [3:56]
05     LIVE LIFE     [5:39]
06     SEVEN RINGS IN HAND ~Fairytales in Trance~     [5:35]
07     WITH ME ~Massive Power Mix~     [3:57]
08     KNIGHT OF THE WIND     [4:33]
09     WITH ME     [3:56]
10     LIVE LIFE     [5:38]

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