Princess Mononoke Symphonic Suite




Format             CD, Original Soundtrack
Published by    Miya Records, made in Taiwan
Composed by  Joe Hisaishi
Arranged by    Joe Hisaish
Performed by   Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Joe Hisaishi

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Disc length 47:20

01    1st movement  The Legend of Ashitaka (5:48)
02    2nd movement  TA TA RI GAMI [The Demon God] (6:44)
03    3rd movement  The Journey to the West (4:58)
04    4th movement  Mononoke Hime (4:43)
05    5th movement  The Forest of the Deer God (6:09)
06    6th movement  Requiem - The Demon Power (7:10)
07    7th movement  The World of the Dead - Adagio of Life and Death (7:21)
08    8th movement  Ashitaka and San (4:27)

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