Cowboy Bebop Vitaminless




Format             CD, Arrangement
Published by    Miya Records, made in Taiwan
Composed by  Yoko Kanno
Arranged by    Yoko Kanno
Lyrics by          Yuho Iwasato, Gabriela Robin, Carla Vallet
Performed by   Mai Yamane, Seatbelts, Bobby Previte, Mark Soskin, Booker King, Paul Shapiro, Gabriela Robin, Yoko Kanno, Sydney Thiam, Michel Reman, David Mirandon, Philippe Draï, Philippe Nalry

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Disc length 29:14

01    THE REAL FOLK BLUES (6:17)
02    Odd Ones (3:11)
03    Doggy Dog (3:17)
04    Cats on Mars (2:46)
05    SPY (2:04)
06    Fantaisie Sign (5:00)
07    Piano Bar I (3:24)
08    Black Coffee (3:15)

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