GHOST IN THE SHELL Original Soundtrack




Format             CD, Original Soundtrack
Published by    Miya Records, made in Taiwan
Composed by  Kenji Kawai
Performed by  Kenji Kawai, Yuhki Sugawara, Kazumi Nishida, Taeko Shirai, Yoshiko Itoh, Uchida Group, Fang Ka Wing, Junko Hirotani

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Disc length 45:30

01     M01 Chant I-Making of Cyborg     [4:29]
02     M02 Ghosthack (Unused Track)     [5:14]
03     EXM Puppetmaster     [4:21]
04     M04 Virtual Crime     [2:42]
05     M05 Chant II-Ghost City     [3:35]
06     M06 Access     [3:16]
07     M07 Nightstalker     [1:45]
08     M08 Floating Museum     [5:05]
09     M09 Ghostdive     [5:52]
10     M10 Chant III-Reincarnation     [5:45]
11     Bonus Track Featured Song See You Everyday!     [3:26]

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